Frequently Asked Questions

"So how much is this software?"

$29.99 per month for a lifetime of leads! This includes a ticket based help desk for as long as you use the software.

"Does this software have an affiliate program?"

Currently we pay 30% on both new sales and all recurring rebills for the lifetime of the customer. Our affiliate tracking cookies are good for 365 days.

"I need somthing added, is that possible?"

While we try to keep the features of Maps2Markets as generic as possible, we are always open to ideas. If you need something specific for your niche contact us through a support ticket and we will discuss it further.

"What is Maps2Markets? How can this software help my business?"

This question is best answered by looking at the Synopsis page. Click on the synopsis link to get a better idea of how this software can help you.

"Do I need to use proxies for this?"

No! You only need to use proxies if you decide not to use a Google API key!
Please visit for instructions on how to get a key. This method is much faster than using proxies.

Note: By default, this software uses public proxy feeds. However, we recommend that you find a source of proxies that is private, as it will help the performance of the software. Public proxy's are usually overloaded and laggy. You do NOT need to find/purchase your own, but you should. ;)